Price List

Moonlit roses£ 750

Lost rose£ 1150

Rose buddies£ 1550

Roses jugs and drill£ 2450

When machines take overSold

Garage stuff£ 1950

Clematis and tools£ 1950

Clematis leaves and toolsSold

Petals and metal£ 2450

Rose and carburettor£ 1950

Jugs and rosesSold

Roses and Shell can£ 2350

Garage shelf£ 2450

Rust and roses£ 2350

Rosebuds and oil canSold

Work life balanceSold

Roses and butterflySold

Propulsion£ 1950


Roses in a brown jugSold

Peonies and oil canSold

Garden garage marriageSold

Garage associatesSold

Roses and screwdriverSold

Roses on a socket setSold

A trifle bowl of rosesSold

Rose wrench and oil canSold

Fading fastSold

Rose hammer scissorsSold

Chocolate boxSold

Rose and wrenchSold

Roses by moonlightSold

Uncertain relationship£ 1350


Girl in a borrowed party dress£ 900

Party dressSold

Study for woman in a party dress£ 299

Windows of my mind£ 399

Ironing by moonlightSold

Considering£ 299

Lost £ 299

Metamorphosis of a drawing£ 597

Lovers £ 1350

Sleepless in Thomas StreetSold

Lost in thought Sold

Night PortraitSold

Junior Doctor£ 1100

Girl with closed eyes£ 900

Jo Donated


Ophelia£ 799

Ruby£ 699

Rose £ 1100

Reclining Model in Sunlight£ 499

Sunlit Face Donated

Model under a skylight£ 499

Model in sunlightSold


Student Doctor £ 399

Sketch for Sleeping Model£ 99

Lily£ 499

Seated figure by a window£ 599

Lovers by a windowSold

Figure by a bay window£ 499

Figure by a window£ 599

Rose by the cooling towers (colour)£ 499

Figure in a landscape£ 399

Rose by the cooling towers£ 199